Are you asking yourself the following questions –

Is Bullionvault a Scam ?

Is investing in Bullionvault safe ?

Is Bullionvault legitimate ?

BullionVault is a gold and silver exchange set up by Paul Tustain in 2005 and based in London, UK. It is currently owned by Galmarley Limited, company number 4943684 registered in Great Britain. If you are thinking of buying gold from Bullionvault you will want to make sure that bullionvault is not a scam and you probably want answers to the following questions, is investing in Bullionvault safe, is Bullionvault legitimate and is Bullionvault reputable. Well, in our opinion, BullionVault is probably the safest, cheapest and easiest direct way to own gold. Read on for our Bullionvault review which gives you some of the reasons why:

Pure Gold:

When you invest with Bullionvault you are buying the actual physical gold bullion and not digital gold currency (DGC). DGC is a form of electronic money backed by gold through unallocated or allocated gold storage. Buying Gold Bullion brings you the additional benefits of buying gold at wholesale prices ie the actual cost of the metal itself. This differs from investing in coins where you often have to pay a premium above the value of the gold itself.

Bullionvault review - Buy gold online - quickly, safely and at low prices

Gold Bars:

When you buy gold at Bullionvault you are investing in Gold Bars. If however, you dont want to buy a whole gold bar you can also invest in partial bars of gold. The smallest amount of gold you can buy is 1 gram which makes Bullion Vault affordable for the majority of investors. When you first sign up with Bullionvault they will also give you 4g of Silver for free. Click here to claim your 4 grams of free silver. Claiming your 4 grams of free silver is a good idea because it allows you to see how the Bullionvault website works.

Storage of the Gold:  

When you buy gold or silver with Bullionvault you own the pure metal which is stored in personally allocated storage which is in either London, New York, Zurich and now Singapore, depending on your preference. This gold is insured and audited daily. Being able to choose where your gold is stored is important for investors who are worried about the jurisdiction in which their gold is held.

Minimum Investment:

When you invest with Bullionvault, you can start buying gold in amounts as low as 1 gram This is much smaller than the smallest coin. There’s no upper limit to how much gold you can buy via Bullionvault.


With Bullionvault you can buy and sell  gold in Euros and GB Pounds Sterling as well as US Dollars. This allows you to save the high cost of converting currency.


Bullionvault is a very low cost way of buying actual gold and presents good value for money. By buying gold in bulk and allocating partial bars of gold to individual customers, Bullionvault are able to keep their costs low. They charge commission of 0.8% (less for amounts over £21,000) and an annual custody and insurance charge of 0.12% (min. £2.75 per month).

Access to your account:

You have access to your online Bullionvault account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


More than 36,000 investors have entrusted Bullionvault with assets totalling approximately $2.1 billion. Bullionvault customers hold more than 20 tonnes of Gold which is more than a lot of the worlds central banks.


Bullionvault is regulated under English law. Unlike modern financial services businesses throughout Europe and America Bullionvault does not deal in paper based instruments or ‘securities’, and is therefore not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). When you buy gold from Bullion Vault you own the physical metal and therefore bullion trading falls outside the scope of the FSA and is regulated by traditional English property law. The codes of practice of the entire London bullion market are defined by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Bullion Vault is a full member of the LBMA.

Selling Or Withdrawing Your Gold:

BullionVault is based on professional market, vaulted gold and silver, held in big bar form through an internet account.  You can sell your gold at any time with no penalties. The money should be back in your nominated bank account by the following day. This is an efficient and low risk way of dealing in gold and helps you own gold bullion at very low cost. You can also get access to the physical gold but there are some extra costs. The standard cost is 2.5% for withdrawing whole gold bars, and there is a 5% surcharge for withdrawals below 400 oz. BullionVault gold is VAT free as long as it is held in accredited vaults and remains VAT Free upon withdrawal.


We hope this bullionvault review has been helpful. Don’t forget that Bullion Vault are offering new investors who register now for more information 4 FREE grams of Silver to get started with. You can open an account with no obligations attached. Have a look and see for yourself what Bullionvault has to offer.


How Other People Have Rated Bullionvault:

Don’t just take our word for it. If you want to see a review of Bullionvault by other people have a look at the following bullionvault customer reviews.

Bullionvault themselves collate reviews and have a 5 star rating based on over 300 reviews. See some of the Bullionvault reviews on their website.

There are 12 customer reviews on the Reseller website with an average rating of 4 stars.

Trustpilot also have over 400 reviews available with an average score of 9.2/10.

In 2014 Moneyweek readers voted Bullionvault Best Gold Broker.

More Information about Bullionvault:

Here is a very short video by Bullionvault summarising what they do:


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  1. admin says:

    According to BullionVault, gold bugs using its online market have now amassed more gold bullion bars than the official reserves of Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Canada, Ireland and Qatar added together. Paul Tustain, founder of BullionVault, says the major driver of growth has been the steady realisation among private savers that low interest rates are here to stay. That’s despite the fact that gold does not provide a yield.
    Source – Interactive Investor, http://www.iii.co.uk

  2. Martin says:

    Thanks for this, I am thinking of investing with bullionvault but am nervous for obvious reasons. Feel slightly more reassured after reading your review.

  3. rSoloJasondtust says:

    Thanks so much for the good advice.

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