How To Buy Gold

HOW TO BUY GOLD: Traditionally, gold is considered to be a safe haven investment, particularly when there is an economic  crisis such as we are experiencing now. The economic outlook around the world appears to be getting worse and as the problems continue, more and more ordinary people are thinking about investing some of their savings in gold. This is because gold has an intrinsic value unlike paper money which only has value because a government says it does. The paper itself is not worth anything whereas gold is always going to be worth something.

How can I buy gold?

There are several ways you can actually buy gold. Gold comes in many forms including gold bullion (gold bars), gold coins or even gold jewellery.

How to buy gold bullion bars

One increasingly popular method of investing in gold is to buy gold bullion or bars of gold. This can now be done online and you can also buy a fraction of a bar of gold. Read our Gold Bullion guide for more information on how and where to buy gold bullion.

How to buy gold coins

Gold coins are a very popular way of buying gold and you don’t need a large amount of money to start with. Only buy gold coins from dealers you trust. This is to ensure the coins you are buying are not fake coins and are made with pure gold. There are lots of gold coins to choose from including but not limited to the South African Krugerrand, British Gold Sovereigns, The American Eagle and The Canadian Mapleleaf.  You only want to pay for the gold content of the coin and should avoid paying a larger premium because it is a rare coin or comes in a special case. For more information read our guide on how to buy gold coins.

How to buy gold jewellery

Gold Jewellery is not normally a good investment because jewellers will charge a large premium for the design and brand. You could however, buy gold jewellery from second hand shops or antique dealers. Make sure that you are only paying for the gold value of the jewellery and there is no premium on the price because of the history of the piece or who made it. You should only buy gold like this from a dealer you trust to ensure you are getting what you pay for.  You can expect to pay a small premium over the gold value which is the dealers profit from the sale. There are kits available to purchase which will test the quality of the gold you are buying.

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