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FREE GOLD: How to Claim a Free Gram of Investment-Grade Gold Today

There is 1 gram of Free Gold available now for anyone who registers with Bullionvault.

BullionVault is reported to be the world’s fastest growing private gold ownership service. If you want to take advantage of this special offer and claim your gram of FREE GOLD, simply click here now.

One gram of gold is worth more than £35 or $55 at today’s prices. Your free gram of gold is currently being stored in a vault in Zurich, Switzerland.

If you sign up with Bullionvault to receive your free gram of gold you are under no obligation to buy any more gold in the future if you don’t want to. They are giving you this free gift of gold in order to demonstrate how easy it is to own investment-grade gold outright in your name with no risk of default. Since BullionVault offers you direct access to the same investment-grade gold as the professional gold market trades, they can offer you the same low dealing and storage fees that professional gold traders enjoy, too.

Why We Use Bullionvault When We Buy Gold Bullion

LOW DEALING COSTS – At BullionVault, the minimum purchase is one gram of gold. There is no upper limit. All deals at BullionVault are settled immediately with gold that’s already secure inside their vaults. Since only the ownership of the gold changes hands, the dealing costs are much lower than many of their competitors.

CURRENCY – You can buy and sell Gold on BullionVault online in Euros, Sterling or US Dollars.

AUDITS – Bullionvault publish their audit every working day giving you a proven record of outright gold ownership. This means that you are protecting your property rights against the financial performance of BullionVault, its suppliers and bank.

MINIMUM INVESTMENT – As stated above, you are under no obligation to buy any more gold once you have received your free gram. If you do wish to purchase more gold, the minimum investment is 1 gram with no upper limit. When you buy small amounts such as a few grams you are buying partial bars of gold, ie part of a large 400-ounce bar. You can claim your FREE gold bullion here today.

QUALITY – All gold at Bullionvault is warranted to be 99.5% pure gold or better.

To claim your gram of FREE GOLD right now — and to start trading physical gold bullion on ultra-low fees, simply visit Bullionvault here.

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