Where Can I Buy Gold Online

Where can I buy gold online ? – There are quite a few online gold dealers available to customers from both the UK and worldwide. Before you choose where to buy gold online you need to ask yourself a couple of questions first :

Do you want to buy gold bars or gold coins online ?

Do you want your gold bars or gold coins to be delivered to you or do you want your gold bars or gold coins to be stored on your behalf ?

We have listed some of the top brokers where you can buy gold online and given a brief summary of what services they offer. The aim of this article is to give you a short list of sites where you can buy gold online. This will hopefully make your choice easier.


Type of Gold Sold Commission Smallest Investment Storage/Delivery

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Allocated Gold Bars 0.8% (less for amounts over £21,000) 1g of Gold Storage in secure vaults. Delivery available at a cost.

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Allocated Gold Bars From 2.49% for purchases up to $9,999 to 0.98% for purchases greater than $1,000,000 1g of Gold Storage in secure vaults. Delivery available in units of 100 gram and 1 kilo bars.
GOLD DIRECT Gold Bars and Gold coins Prices are all inclusive – see website 1g Gold Bar

Delivery to EU citizens for €32.50

LONDON MINT OFFICE Gold Coins – aimed at collectors Coins and coin sets priced individually One coin UK delivery
 GOLDCORE Gold Bars and Gold Coins Varies but over 3% on a 1kg bar of Gold 1oz Gold Bar or Coin Storage in secure vaults. Delivery also available.
BULLION BY POST Gold Bars and Gold Coins Varies by product 1g Gold Bar Free Delivery – UK and CI only

This list of where to buy gold online is by no means comprehensive but should give you a good starting point. It is aimed at the UK investor but some of the larger companies listed such as Bullionvault or GoldMoney will cater for clients worldwide. There are other online gold dealers out there but the ones above are some of the most popular. Which one you choose will depend on whether you want to buy gold bullion or gold coins. The other main choice to make will be whether you want your gold stored for you or whether you want to take delivery of your gold. We hope that your question of ‘where can I buy gold online’ has been answered !


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